English 369: Looking Across & Thinking Between: Juxtaposing Theoretical Approaches to Visual and Literary Cultures

Course Description:

In this class, we will learn to read words and images through a range of theoretical approaches.  We will consider how representation works across a variety of media and genres. We’ll push across boundaries, think outside frames, and read across margins.  We will read between theoretical approaches and consider how visual theory can be productively combined with theories of genre, work on book history and print culture, theories of gender, race, and sexuality, and media theory.  Each cluster of theoretical models will be read alongside 19th- and 20th-century literary texts and visual objects; this historical period was marked by an explosion of visual technologies, of artistic experimentation, and of the daily modern experiences of surveillance, sensory overload, and gazes from everywhere.  We will be immersing ourselves in this historical messiness and learning to apply a range of theoretical approaches to the texts and images that we encounter.  We will be learning how to read across and between; by the end of this course, you will be sophisticated, skilled readers of words, images, and the intersections between them.  The class will visit the Allen Art Museum and will incorporate the library’s letter press studio.

English 369 Course Syllabus

Images for English 369


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